Hiring Authors

If you want to become an author on this new website Comment below for this required information.

Penguin Name

Example Post

Peguin Age


Here is a list if you made it. I wont be able to accept EVERY request.







Thats right. Five Authors!


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Beta Found 8th Time!

Hello guys this time i found a beta ive never seen b4!

Look at the pic.

*Posted By Main Author Grindor9175*


This picture does not belong to me!

I Saw this exact beta. but did not have yet anything to take a picture with.

Sorry if I have caused confusion


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Swat Attack Cp!

I took this picture when I spotted the club penguin swat attacking civillians!

I sure got a crowd because of my beta hat!

They are attacking us! We will call the ACP to help.

I used to be in the ACP until I made my blog.

There was ,any attacks going on.

Well here is the picture |I was at when it happened.

Beware Penguins!


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My Old Blog

Hello everybody good day isnt it? Well for me it is. Today I am going to post the link of my old blog! Its good to. I will still post on my older blog. AND on this blog. The only reason I made Cplaunch was because I was sad for a reason( that was on my old blog )

So I decided to make a new blog. And move there for the time being.

To go to my old blog go to grindor9175.blogspot.com

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First Post On This Blog

Hello everyone! Today I just made this new blog!

I am not brand new dont worry. This blog is for club penguin AND only clubpenguin. If I see a comment not on topic of club penguin or innapp topic i will delete it! I was from blogger and may  not be used to wordpress. Thank You All

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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